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We Work In…

Supplying Building Materials

Large scale orders of building materials, especially for emergency shelters.

Rapid Emergency Supplies to NGOs

We source large-scale orders of NFIs, medical supplies, educational material, and other items on short notice for NGOs.

Agriculture and Livestock Inputs

We provide agricultural inputs such as fertilizer, seeds, and farming equipment to major farms.

Tree Plantation Drives

We take pride in contributing to the green drive in Pakistan.

Our Client Organizations

client logo - CDP
client logo - CDP

Our Values


High Quality Sourcing

We believe our repeat customers and a sustainable business is only the result of reputation for high-quality.

Ethics and Accountability

Externally, we have a strong commitment to our contracts and we ensure our customers feel well-treated. Internally, we create an environment of employee satisfaction and commitment and ensure that each part of the supply chain is working with accountability and oversight.


We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ philosophy. We pride our-
selves to be Customer-orientated.

Reputation for Quality and Reliability

We aim to impress and earn a reputation that makes repeat customers possible. Our competitive advantage is our reliability and quality of delivery.


Our company is focused on doing one thing, but we do it really well. We will obtain what you need and deliver it as per timelines.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Emergency Supplies

Food items, Tents, quilts, cooking sets, NFIs, etc.

Shelter Supplies

Bamboo, CGI Sheets, Tarpaulin Sheets, Doors, Window, Girders etc.

Health & Hygiene Supplies

Soap, shampoo, combs, towels, toilet cleaners, and other WatSan Materials.

Education Supplies

Stationary, Schoolbooks, Schoolbags, etc.

Building Materials

Bricks, cement, Sand, Crush, etc.

Water Supply & Sanitation Works

Piping, taps, tools, tapstands, water tanks, etc.

Electrical Works

Electrical cables and wiring, generators, sockets, toolkits, etc.

Medical Equipment

Basic medical first-aid kits, and other medical supplies

General Order Supplies

Miscellaneous other orders requested by donors.


Training kits for vocational training students and graduates

Seeds & Fertiizers

High quality seeds of various crops and Fertilizers.

Agricultural Inputs and Machinery

Farmers toolkits, agricultural inputs, water tanks, etc.

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Kamran & Brothers have over 14 years of Experience

During this time, we have partnered with many of the largest NGOs and INGOs in Pakistan.

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Tell us about your order and we will get back to you. For any detailed inquiries, send us an email with any attachments to

House No 4A, Gorge Road 'Margallah street, Imran khan square Bani Gala - Islamabad